Our Commitment to Responsible Investment

Our investment approach is centered on delivering superior returns in emerging markets, whilst integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into our investment decisions from investment origination to exit. This approach has been a key contributor to our success as a firm and has helped us build a superior track record across our markets.

Our responsible investment approach is anchored by our belief that the integration of ESG factors into our investment decisions is integral to better managing risk. This helps us generate superior and sustainable returns for our investors.

Our Responsible Investment and ESG Policy provides direction to our employees and external stakeholders in understanding our core investment beliefs. It aligns expectations with our stakeholders, including our investors, investee companies, regulators and the local communities where we operate, and is underpinned by clearly articulated goals and commitments.

Our policy captures our long-standing commitment to deliver robust performance, whilst driving a meaningful impact in the communities and markets in which we do business.

Affirma Capital is a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Our Approach

Our investment process integrates material ESG factors into our decision-making throughout the investment life cycle. This work is captured in our Responsible Investment and ESG Policy and is guided by the IFC Performance Standards and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board standards.

A Robust Governance Framework

Our senior leadership provides ultimate oversight of our responsible investment efforts. Our Investment Committee is responsible for ensuring the goals of our Responsible Investment and ESG Policy have been met.

We have created an ESG committee comprising two investment professionals to serve as the co-heads of our ESG team, along with our CEO, COO and Head of Legal & Compliance, to ensure sound implementation of our policy commitments.

The robust integration of ESG factors into investment decisions is important to us. For each new investment our deal teams consider material ESG risks and opportunities and work to ensure that material ESG elements are carefully considered as part of due diligence.

Where required, we use industry-leading experts to support our investment professionals and investee companies to address material ESG issues and to develop a clear path to resolution whether ahead of concluding an investment or during the period of ownership.

Transparency is Important to Us

We are committed to robust and transparent communication with our LPs regarding material ESG factors, including reporting at least annually on our progress and outcomes.

We also commit to continually updating our policy, as appropriate, to reflect important developments and innovations and in line with the circumstances and mandates of our funds.